"I was referred by my regular dentist to Dr. Carter for a endodontic procedure, root canal. It was an emergency and his office accommodated me wonderfully. The staff was pleasant and nice. Dr. Carter explained everything in detail what the procedure was and what he was doing every step of the way. No pain whatsoever. Doctors and dentists from my experience do not call you the same day of your procedure, BUT Dr. Carter actually called me later that day himself. He truly went into dentistry to help his patients and he cares! If you ever need an endodontic procedure, go see Dr. Michael D. Carter‎"


"A real Doctor/Dentist in my opinion! Great care, service, and even called after hours and the weekend to check on our daughter to see if he could be of further assistance. I wish all Doctors & Dentists were of his caliber and character. His practice was nice and his staff - Terrific!!! He gave us almost 2 years of service to fix another Dentist's mistake.... I recommend him to everyone. I owe my gratitude!"

MGySgt Craig S. Cavins (U.S. Marine Corps)

"Dear Dr. Carter:
It was a pleasure meeting you again.

By this note I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for your care, compassion, and your highly superb & excellent work in undertaking my root canal procedure. You are an excellent Doctor and you have an excellent staff and the most relaxing and peacful dental office I have ever visited.

I also would like to thank you for your phone call last night inquiring about my medical condition."

Michael R.

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